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Travel news, tourism news - Eric Shuman Del Rey travel to complete Bio

Business travel and Timeshare Industry have been 21 years, Eric experience and passion for unique holiday.

Born in Philadelphia Eric grew up wanting to travel the world. But he always shared this dream with others, "only the rich ride." After that, Eric said, "So I guess you have to do something about it." It problems.

I had never heard of Travel Club? Well, this is a relatively new concept, and still around for decades, do not worry. Travel Club is usually because most people have never heard this kind of television, in normal media, such as newspapers and magazines that do not advertise. On the contrary, it will be a 90 minutes presentation of their customers as a way to time and consideration "gift books" paying kind'll invite couples to offer.

Eric People just do not like the show and we will not have two tickets to fly anywhere. We use the best gift in the industry, but the limitations there, "so he says. But 11:09, will be just what is not. And movie tickets for them or a new TV, we can give a signal, but we attract the people who want travel and vacations are looking for. "

Unfortunately, we have a bad name in the travel industry has been a lot of unscrupulous companies. The goal of Eric to try to change that reputation and are well respected and profitable show everyone that you can run a travel club. Eric even Timeshare some of the best vacation, left a bad taste of many consumers, "he says. We like to think that timeshare generations. We kept all the positive aspects of timeshare and delete all negative."

Eric Shuman travel Vacation Club International Destination Travel Del Rey has more than 100,000 members. They excluding airfare, get amazing discounts on all types of travel. Competitive margins for small businesses; To get there is not a lot of savings. "We are a full-service travel agency. We will book you an amazing vacation, do all the research you will save a lot of money," says Eric. "I like to think that the old school. Do you remember that all local travel agents? They were the experts look with respect to all of us. Now everyone on the Internet, you think you can do. Unfortunately, they, the their stay was very worn, sucks the end of the holiday and remember your trip, have fun and go out to nice restaurants, a funny thing stopped buying money. But our members who are not spoiled and I do not in any other way. "

Eric belief is that many children are growing up without having to go on vacation. And with the economy, many people simply can not afford them. Eric survived my best memories that go on vacation with family members. "Live I was saying that I will never forget them, since I have. And I was, many people hear only means holiday resigned after hearing what I want to do something about it, said a luxury they can not afford ., this one ".

To join a travel club DVI, an initial membership fee, the registration fee once and then have to pay a nominal annual fee. After that, all trips booked without having to pay fees to get full travel agency service. DVI hotels, cruises and offers assistance with everything included in the travel industry about anything and everything.

Eric "I am. I think it's important to sell some quality time with family fun. And I do not know if anyone does not love the holidays for you?" he smiles

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