Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cheap hotels in Korea are ideal for backpackers and budget travelers

Coming into existence after the Korean crisis of 1948, South Korea is one among the developed nations of the world. Korea' economy delves upon electronic products and engineering goods. However, tourism in South Korea plays crucial role in generating huge revenues and employment opportunities. Various tourist attractions in South Korea are becoming popular among travelers who want to enjoy and explore Far East Asia. Both domestic and international aspects of South Korea tourism have been given an enhancement of late with the growing popularity of Korean sub-culture outside Korea. Accommodation in Korea is not an issue as cheap hotels in Koreas such as Coatel Chereville, Crown Itaewon Hotel, Dong Seoul Hotel, and many others are known to charge reasonable tariff for accommodation.
South Korea is well connected with rest of the world via air. Moreover, located in the Asian continent South Korea boasts of extensive network of trains and buses which facilitate travelers to travel in and around the country at low tariff. Selecting these modes of transportations you can traverse around in Korea easily and at comparatively low cost. A major chunk of travelers from Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan along with some from the west flock in to Korea to see the natural and serene beauty.
South Korea is famous for its various springs which have been considered having miraculous curing capabilities. One such spring is Asan Hot Spring which is located in Asan locality in South Korea. Thousands of tourists come to the area to experience the divine effects of the hot spring and cure their respective ailments. However, Asan Hot Spring is not the only magical spring, there are other hot springs which have miraculous medicinal value and are in use for centuries. Hot springs like Dogo Hot Spring in South Korea is popular among masses in Korea.
The nature has bestowed Korea with beautiful beaches. Located at the Jeollanam-do province, Sokcho Beach in South Korea is popular among beach goers. The beach is famous for hosting and preserving Korean folk customs and traditional Korean cultural practices like pansori (Korean opera). Additionally, travelers could enjoy variety of special dishes and fresh seafood and it dazzles at Jeollanam-do. Another famous beach in Korea is Songho Beach which stretches for a length of 2km and possesses a breadth of 200m. For those who are interested in a spending an exciting family holiday, an average temperature of about 20°C makes Songcho Beach an ideal beach in Korea.
Various cheap Korea hotels offer extensive accommodation facilities to travelers at affordable tariff. Some cheap hotels Korea such as Beluga Hotel, Benhur Hotel, Best Western, Best Western Niagara Hotel, Best Western Premier Gangnam Hotel, Biwon Hotel, Brown Hotel, Business Hotel Astoria, California Hotel, Casaville Residence Samsung, Casaville Serviced Residence Shinchon, and many others provide comprehensive and cozy facilities and amenities to travelers. Center Hotel and City Palace hotels in Korea are known for standardized staying facilities for travelers.

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