Sunday, November 24, 2013

South Korea Will Permanently Stop Importing and Manufacturing Incandescent in 2

South Korea Industry Ministry of Commerce announced that the country will permanently stop manufacturing and importing low power efficiency incandescent bulbs from the January 1 2014 on the July 16th 2013.
South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported that the Ministry of Trade and Industry, pointed out that the power consumption of incandescent bulbs is six times as much as the LED light especially the LED tube light,the annual electricity bills and purchase costs spent in a single incandescent bulb may be as many as 15,863 KRW ($ 14.14 ). In contrast, the costs of a single LED light is greatly reduced annually 82.3 percent to 2,813 won consumes. South Korea had determined to gradually abolish the incandescent bulbs in 2008.
Ministry of Trade and Industry said that there are currently approximaely 3,0 million South Korean incandescent bulbs which are still used, if all are replaced bymore energy-efficient LED light, more than 1,800 GW (1 billion watt) of electricity can be saved one year, which is enough to supply 650,000 households needs.
About 99% incandescent bulbs used in about 8,000 public buildings in South Korea were replaced. remaining an manufacturer is currently still producing the incandescent bulb in South Korean, and most imports from China mainland.
As the countries phased out use of incandescent bulbs over the world one by one, the incandescent bulbs that consume large amount of energy and seriously endanger the environment finally has quit the stage of history ,which was replaced by a large area of ​​energy-saving lamps and the upcoming third-generation universal green LED lighting, because the phosphors in the energy saving lamps contain mercury and other heavy metals that is deadly hazards to humans and the environment, its application range is narrow, its light is glare and instability,all the shortcomings doom that it will also be replaced, the principle of LED lighting is the high-tech semiconductor lighting,, energy saving effect is greatly improved, and it can be well combined with the technology, electronics, medicine, agriculture and other fields to not only provide the lighting, but also bring more convenient service and perfect experience, the LED tube light and LED flood light is now the most widely used and the best example of large-scale applications represent of LED interior lighting and outdoor lighting, Lead Lighting respectively adopts high brightness SMDLED and high brightness integrated COB as the light sources of the LED tube and LED flood light to ensure that the soft and stable light, bright octahedron illuminated area, the low voltage constant current drive convert AC into DC, which greatly improve the utilization of energy and reduce the heat energy wasted by electrical energy turn into and stroboscopic effect that irritate to the human eye,log for more detail the characteristics and uses of the LED tube light, or click for more vivid and specific LED flood lighting and other LED indoor and outdoor lighting. The professional company orderessay provides all the information on research essay topics. Corset is one of the most popular piece of clothes at all times. It is super beautiful and stylish. You may use corset as underwear or lingerie or corset top or like belt. But be sure that you are buying only quality authentic corset on steel bones. Steel boned corsets that are created by Corsettery are perfect for tight lacing and waist training. They are high quality authentic corsets that are designed and created using special corset fabrics and linings and only real steel bones that provides real wast cinching.
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