Friday, December 28, 2012

Take Your love in the sky, Spread on World

Ever there were times ...

ever there were times in our love
we like the fire and the wood attached
with light, it feels warm to each other
up to late to the realization that
nothing left of self-self but dust and ashes

ever there were times in this friendship
we are too close like clouds and rain
was decorating the sky, fertilize the earth,
and painting a rainbow
however unconsciously, we are essentially cancel each other

at one point and then we stopped for a moment, realizing
may our hearts have been excluded from the bonds of faith
even counsel others did not like two candles
expose each other, but each consumed with fire

it's time to return to the faith that illuminates the heart
the pious charity towering branches
the moral sweet, soft and fragrant
until friendship, we combine the letters into words
a legible and luminous with truth

Salim A fillah