Sunday, September 20, 2015

Identify and Purchase Spanish Food

Spanish food is one of the best culinary on the whole world; you might need to try it once in your life to taste the fresh spice and great taste of one of the best culinary. Spanish food can be retrieved anywhere, no matter where you are. There are several ways to identify Spanish food and distinguish them from any other food. Today, I will provide you simple information about Spanish food and drink and how to retrieve Spanish food.
Spanish food are having specific cuisine called tortilla, it is omelets made of potatoes, eggs and onions. Another characteristic of Spanish food is generally based on seafood; this is because of its Mediterranean roots. Other things that differentiate Spanish cuisine with other types of cuisine are the main ingredient, for example, north of Spain is known for its meat, while the south of Spain is shellfish and seafood. The staples are including wheat, fine cheese, rice, garlic, chickpeas, tomatoes, olive oil and beans.
The dessert of Spanish cuisine is containing rice and almonds. The example of those dishes is marzipan, sugared almonds, nougat and also rice pudding. For beverage, Spanish food is generally using Rioja wine that can be served at many meals. You can purchase Spanish food by called Spanish food distributor UK if you are leaving in UK.