Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Difference Between Spanish And Mexican

In this world, there are many types of food you can eat and find the delish in each of them. While each region in the world have their own cuisine, spanish and latino cuisine is one of the most confusing because they usually mixed. However, spanish and latino cuisine are differ greatly between locales. Each of them are different in the type of variety, style of meals and also the type of local crops used to create the cuisine. Therefore, today, i will provide you simple guide on how to distinguish between mexican and spanish food  properly.
The spanish food is usually being reserved like below. Tortilla in spain is an omelete made of potatoes, eggs and onions and having name “tortilla espanola”. This kind of tortilla are fried in olive oil. Spanish food are also characterized by its mediteranean roots and mainly from seafood based meals. You can get spanish food anddrink in spanish restaurant or traditional restaurant in spain. You can get spanish food and drinks from spanish fooddistributor uk.
The mexican food is slightly different. For example, the tortilla are made of maize and served flat. Generally, the tortilla used to wrap certain meals or served along with dishes to eat the food. Mexican food are often reserved with tequila or other drinks such as margaritas.