Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Create Your Own Trophy and Award Properly

Award and trophy is a something given to person or people or even to an organization to recognize their capability and also their achievement. Award is usually signified by trophies, tittles, certificate, plaques and even ribbons. If you want to give someone on your organizations or on your society or even for your loved one, you can give them a trophy or award. You can create trophy from simple cup with engraved plaques or you can go as far as elaborate sculpture cup. There are several methods to create trophy, but today I will provide you a step by step guide on how to create a trophy properly.
The first step is creating a trophy by you. You can simply print out a trophy template from the internet. Make sure to find trophy template according to your purpose and your taste. Then, you can trace the base template onto cardboard with a pen or pencil. Then, you can use paper cup and toilet roll paper to make your own trophy. Draw and paint the paper cup and toilet paper properly.

Otherwise, you can visit plaque costume store or plaque engraving store to create proper and professional award and trophy for more formal award. 

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